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During the process of my findings, the two significant observations emerged as under:

a) The humanity at large has yet to ACCEPT that concept of flawlessness where exploitation has no place at all. We are living in a world where following so propagated and make believe ULTIMATE systems one after the other becomes our only way of tackling situations. It is a kind of reliance on ‘Trial and Error’ method. There is no system of ours that shuns exploitation. Rather it promotes. It is only later on when we have braved the sufferings of the systems we realize that the ultimate systems were after all not that flawless as we were made to believe. But still we refuse to accept that we suffered because the systems we invented and chose to follow had to fail because these advocated exploitation. Is there any compulsive reason for such behavior? Yes, there is. And it has been explained in details as MANOVRITTI (मनोवृत्ति) oriented behavior in Patanjali YOG SHASTRA. It is applicable to all fields of human activity. In other words it means that presently at best only the precautions may be taken to avoid flaws but to become flawless may remain a wish only due to our unprepared state for no fault of ours possibly. Needless to say that many claimants of ‘ULTIMATES’ will thus keep on emerging and decry each other as hoax or bluff or be hand in glove with each other with a sole and common aim of exploitation.. And here lies the silver lining. The assorted claims one after the other indicate definitely to some kind of quiet evolution in the direction of achieving flawlessness only. If not today, hope for the day when we all will understand the inadequacy and fallacy of sugar coated words like competition, motivation, success etc. that invariably lead to exploitation.

b) The second observation concerns a remarkable insistence by Patanjali that any individual anywhere is capable of understanding and achieving flawlessness in his pursuits through an absolutely scientific method of YOG irrespective of the stage of Darwinian environmental evolution if there is any; one is passing through. I mean a slight change is required in our concept of evolution from valuable contribution of Darwin to the Vedic concept of Sequential Existence that Patanjali calls AWASTHA (अवस्था) and explained under LAW OF APARINAMI in a succeeding paragraph. It is possible because human beings alone can come to acquire an apparatus called CHITT (चित्त) and this apparatus is capable of willfully following or accidentally stumbling upon a procedure encoded in Yogsutras that leads to flawlessness. The names given to willful following and accidental stumbling by Patanjali are YOG (योग) and SAMAPATTI (समापत्ति) respectively. YOG is the only systematic ULTIMATE process I have referred to above and the word ULTIMATE does not have a plural.


The above mentioned observations do indicate the two processes of human indulgence. The first mentioned at a) is a pointer to what all we are doing at present in order to survive and the second at b) is an alternative born out of an appreciation of the first with a view to suggesting that what all we can do in order to avoid the pitfalls and be absolutely flawless in our endeavors. If we can somehow find out the reasons of our first kind of behavior and the reasons of helplessness for such a behavior then only the chances of our appreciating the alternative brighten. That is exactly what Patanjali has done. He considers the first kind of behavior as MANOVRITTI (मनोवृत्ति) oriented or NON-YOGIC and the second as CHITT (चित्त) oriented or YOGIC PROCESS. He, therefore, makes it quite explicit in the beginning only with rather a warning tone to anyone interested in finding out the YOGIC PROCESS to be well versed with the difference between CHITT (चित्त) and VRITTI (वृत्ति). Otherwise the VRITTIS will keep on coming in the way of CHITT and make it non-functional, non-effective and thus non-discernible. The methodology recommended by him to ultimately reach the YOGIC PROCESS through a thorough appreciation of MANOVRITTI (मनोवृत्ति) oriented process can be studied under the following stages:


A systematic following alone will lead to thorough appreciation of Yogic process that involves the following stages:

A. PREPARATION STAGE – Patanjali tries to explain this stage as a step towards acceptance of existence of PRAGYA (प्रज्ञा)

B. PLANNING STAGE – Patanjali exhorts to understand this stage as efforts put in for development of discretion / wisdom (VIVEK विवेक)

C. EXECUTION STAGE – Patanjali calls this stage as SANYAM (संयम)

D. IMPLEMENTATION STAGE – Patanjali calls this stage as VINIYOG (विनियोग)

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