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Preparation stage equips us with the following vital information;

a) CONCEPT OF VRITTIS (वृत्ति) – Human mind is gripped with various theories of creation. The entire existence as some sequential stage of VRITTIS as per LAWS of APARINAMI and COMPLETENESS is a Vedic concept that has been interpreted and explained in various post Vedic philosophies, Upanishads and PURANS (पुराण) from a spiritualist angle, thereby losing the scientific purport completely. Any existence is a function of VRITTIS that had always been so and will ever be so. The VRITTIS can neither be controlled nor destroyed but popularly and mistakenly propagated by the spiritualistic theories as controllable or destroyable commodities by a YOGA expert. This is done more to deify, mystify and create an aura around an ordinary person. While all that is to be done is to find out the VRITTIS responsible for a stage and the sequence it is part of. Our failure to do so is probably best explained through the concept of VRITTIS functioning at MANOVRITTI stage (मनोवृत्ति अवस्था) of sequential existence for human beings.

b) CONCEPT OF CHITTVRITTI (चित्तवृत्ति) – Human beings alone are equipped with an apparatus called CHITT- a unique kind of VRITTI being single that is capable of understanding the functions of VRITTIS and making use of them. We have again been misled by the spiritualistic concept of ATMA (आत्मा) with its umpteen contradictory explanations in various religious philosophies but definitely confused about it’s at least one universally accepted attribute of different shades of indestructibility. Even the great atheistic religions like Jainism and Buddhism depended solely on its existence. Strange it may seem that we are willing to accept an unverifiable concept of ATMA but not inclined to even experiment with the three kinds of VRITTIS of MAN (मन), SATTVA (सत्त्व) and PURUSH (पुरुष) encompassed in CHITTVRITTI (चित्तवृत्ति) that may explain our dependence on soul (ATMA आत्मा). This behaviour has been explained as not only being path of least resistance called AKLISHT (अक्लिष्ट) by Patanjali but as our tendency to accept unreliable and invalid concepts through primitive reasoning of AGAM (आगम) as explained under MANOVRITTI (मनोवृत्ति) of PRAMAN (प्रमाण). Further, we are willing to accept as a theory Freud’s concept of functioning of mind at conscious, sub-conscious or unconscious levels with its three segments of id, ego and super-ego but will fail to appreciate even the existence of a theory of CHITTVRITTI (चित्तवृत्ति) comprising of MAN (मन), SATTVA (सत्त्व) and PURUSH (पुरुष) mainly because we have been drugged to believe in never verifiable and a confusing concept of ATMA (आत्मा) – the SOUL.

c) PREDICAMENT ABOUT PREPARATION STAGE – Knowledge about preparation stage puts human beings in a strange predicament. On one hand our very existence, survival, progress and civilization are the results of MANOVRITTI STAGE (मनोवृत्ति अवस्था) which is not our doing as per LAW OF APARINAMI and on the other we are made to accept that this stage is full of flaws. How could a flawed stage be complete as per another simultaneously operating LAW OF COMPLETENESS (पूर्णता)? The philosophies of spiritualism and YOG are the efforts in the direction of finding answers to this predicament. Spiritualism preferred to instill a sort of negativism by interpreting INEVITABILITY of symptoms (LAKSHAN लक्षण) and properties (GUN गुण) of MANOVRITTI STAGE (मनोवृत्ति अवस्था) as per law of APARINAMI as helplessness, fatalism, inferiority complex and meek surrender and still have the great and most probably an artificial satisfaction of coming out of the lurking predicament because all these actions are in the name of devotion in front of some imaginarily created, invisible all powerful GOD. Devotion to GOD (BHAKTI भक्ति) thus became the acid test of satisfaction for spiritualism. Lack of satisfaction is attributed to lack of devotion and devotion is further simplified as observance of meaningless rituals. While on the other hand YOG not only accepts the INEVITABILITY of symptoms and properties of any stage as interdependent as per law of APARINAMI but lays stress on the aspect of UNRELIABILITY of the symptoms of MANOVRITTI STAGE. Therefore, that way YOG considers spiritualistic explanations of devotion to GOD, fatalism etc. also as symptoms of MANOVRITTI stage that are not reliable and suggests a flawless unique system of coming out of this predicament. To consider something unreliable as reliable is a definite FLAW in thinking and completeness has nothing to do as a test of the flawed state. And this brings me to the second step of yogic process – concept of flawlessness.

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